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Safety and Equipment

At Pittsburgh Epoxy Flooring, we always use the best products and equipment to give you the highest-quality epoxy flooring solutions. We never skimp on materials and we never take shortcuts when it comes to workmanship or safety. Customer satisfaction is always our number one goal, so we do everything we can to make the epoxy flooring installation process as safe and seamless as possible. We have happy customers all across the Pittsburgh area, and we hope you’ll choose us for your next epoxy and flooring project.

Epoxy resin systems are chemical mixtures containing the epoxy resin itself and a curing agent that hardens when the two are mixed together. The mixing results in epoxy, a very strong and resilient plastic material that stands up to heavy use without taking damage.


Epoxy is generally a safe material to have in your home. After it has cured, it won’t cause harm unless it’s sanded, cut or burned. Doing those things without proper ventilation and protective gear can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. That’s why we recommend you never try and put down your own epoxy flooring. Our team has the training and equipment to undertake this task safely and expediently.

Epoxy Flooring Equipment

Our professional-grade equipment is designed to work on large spaces and tough surfaces. Our crew comes equipped with everything they need, including:

  • Diamond Floor Grinder. This machine is used to grind down the surface of concrete, existing epoxy, and other flooring to prepare it for the application of a new epoxy resin layer. It removes pits and irregularities from the surface by using diamond bits to grind it down. This leaves a smooth surface for the epoxy to adhere to.

  • Industrial-strength Vacuums. Our industrial-strength vacuums ensure that the workspace is free of dust, dirt and debris before we roll on the first layer of epoxy. This leaves you with a clean layer of flooring that will look great beneath the epoxy.

  • Floor Buffer. After the epoxy has dried completely, we use a commercial-grade floor buffer to polish it to a high-gloss finish. Floor buffers are similar to grinders, but instead of diamond bits, they use softer discs to shine the floor without damaging it.

Safety Measures

Pittsburgh Epoxy Flooring always follows the industry’s best practices for workplace safety. We take the time to protect our workers and your home by using proper ventilation, prompt cleanliness, and personal protective equipment on each job.

  • While epoxy is safe to be around once it has cured, mixing and applying it can cause respiratory irritation in the person installing it. We always make sure the workspace is well-ventilated with open doors and windows while we work. This also keeps fumes from building up and permeating surfaces in your home.

  • For safety’s sake, we never leave spills or dirty rags lying around. We use disposable cleaning materials when we can, and we bag them up quickly so they don’t exude fumes or make more of a mess. We are also careful to keep chemical containers tightly sealed when not in use.

  • Personal Protective Equipment. We take the safety of our crew very seriously and provide them with regulation personal protective equipment, including goggles; gloves; sleeves; coveralls; aprons; facial masks or respirators; and work boots or spiked shoes.

Our Commitment to You

The entire Pittsburgh Epoxy Flooring team makes customer service a priority. We perform every task with honesty, integrity, and a positive, can-do attitude. We show up to our scheduled calls on time and ready to get to work after answering any questions you might have about the process. When we’re finished, you’ll have epoxy surfaces that exceed your expectations and a trusted flooring company you can call on again whenever needed. Our commitment to you is a commitment to excellence.


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We’re ready to get to work on your project! Join the many happy clients that come back to us whenever they need the best flooring solutions around. Pittsburgh Epoxy Flooring is changing the flooring game one project at a time. Call us when you want artistry and workmanship from a team you can count on!

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