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Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial areas need the strongest flooring solutions to stand up to the weight of heavy machinery, the impact of heavy loads, and the harshness of chemical spills. Regular wood, tile or laminate floors are not up to the task. Every industrial facility needs a low-maintenance floor covering that won’t crack under pressure or deteriorate when wet. Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice, no matter which type of facility it will be used in.

Industrial floor coatings are ultra-strong coatings made from epoxy resin and hardeners. They are designed to withstand heavy traffic from workers and machinery.

Without a protective coating of epoxy, your concrete slab surface is vulnerable to cracking, buckling or breaking down under heavy weight. It could develop dents and fractures that require expensive repairs or even a new flooring installation. Don’t take chances with inferior floor coatings; call Pittsburgh Epoxy Flooring to learn more about your options in industrial flooring systems.

The Pros of Industrial Floor Coating

Heavy-duty flooring is a must in many situations. Epoxy floor coatings bond with the underlying concrete to form an incredibly strong surface that reflects light, brightens up the workspace, and stays looking great year after year. You’ll never need to worry about your flooring, so you can focus more energy on staying productive.

Here are some other benefits of laying down an industrial floor coating in your workplace:

Who Uses Industrial Floor Coating?

Our skilled professionals have installed heavy-duty floor coatings in laboratories, car shops, warehouses, chemical plants, gymnasiums, food processing facilities, and many others. The highly polished surface of the flooring reflects light and brightens up the area so that workers can see better. It’s also impenetrable by water and other contaminants, so it’s a very hygienic type of flooring. An occasional sweeping and mopping is all that’s required to keep industrial floor coatings in good shape


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